What if your Security Features could be so

secure . . . they couldn’t even be

counterfeited by ME ?


If you thought you figured out the art of

counterfeiting . . .

get ready to be completely blown away!





“I urge you to go and lock the door...take the phone off the hook...grab your favorite beverage and study every single word of this letter because – IT’S JUST THAT DAMN IMPORTANT!”




My name is Frank Bourassa, I was recently featured on 20/20, Good Morning America and several other shows and magazines, as the world's greatest counterfeiter...250 million dollar of completely undetectable US Banknotes as described by the U.S. Secret Service and Canadian R.C.M.P themselves.




“I even bought my way out of jail with them...for 200 Million! Sounds too crazy, be my guest...Google me!”










Now, I am not contacting you to brag about my accomplishments in my criminal career but rather because I have since completely turned my life around as I am now using my God given gift to stop people like me from counterfeiting,  and above all, since I am practically the only one who can - let’s face it!




You would be floored by my capacity to easily go around security features from most high tech anti-counterfeiting!

They’re even making a Book and a Movie about me...that’s how real I am!





Don’t tell me you’ve been deemed “secure” by law abiding people or companies?

Might as well be seeking medical advice from a welder too while you're at it!

So how secure are you then . . . really?





As you know, counterfeiting is far from being the result of random actions!

Its structure involves unique mental processes, accurate research techniques, loads of security protocols to overcome, logistics traps, mandatory psychological human behaviors to comprehend...just summing this up for you!


As with ANYTHING successful in this life, THERE IS A KEY TO PROFESSIONAL COUNTERFEITING TOO – predetermined logical sequences must be followed for it to be possible - makes sense right?


This whole Secret process you don’t even know exists, is what made it possible for me to counterfeit ANYTHING – It is your absolute worst Enemy!





Companies thinking their security features are “full proof” is exactly what makes them obsolete . . . and my criminal career possible!




DO NOT doubt that it is no trouble for me to counterfeit even the upcoming security features being worked on right now like RF taggants, micro particle dusting, ceramic fibers etc...  Want more?

3D Holograms and foils, color shifting material, Spico inks, Kipp effects, polymer or paper Banknotes...  Once again, just to name a few.

Counterfeiters stay updated...pre-dated even! This is our job!




“I can teach you my ultimate secret Protocols, which are totally impossible to bypass, to immune ANY physical products against counterfeiting . . . even yours!”




I am doing my best, with my already hectic schedule, to work with as many people as possible while it is still possible for me. Only until the Movie comes out, can I still more easily make time to work with companies who want to hire me for private one-on-one teaching and step-by-step coaching.


I teach exactly what makes products so secure...It is impossible EVEN FOR ME to counterfeit!

Even more importantly, I teach closely guarded knowledge so secret, I received threats from counterfeiters who took huge losses because of me!


I know an awful lot more than I can ever admit to about counterfeiting but I am determined to teach you the very top secrets and try to make a difference!




How much is not being counterfeited again worth to you?














The knowledge, research, techniques and procedures I will be teaching you within these consults and workshops are part of the exact Protocol I created which allowed me to counterfeit anything I wanted and made a whole career out of it.


This very Powerful Protocol is the only tool one would ever need to exploit the whole system, people as well as several loopholes within the law.


I must make myself absolutely clear here: once in the hands of the wrong people, it could become very tempting to go ahead and start counterfeiting yourselves, lured by the seemingly huge quantities of easy money to be made.





I have been down this path myself so you should take my word as that of God himself in this matter.

The consequences one would expose himself to for counterfeiting are 20 years of Federal Time and seizure of any asset they suspect of having been the fruit of criminal activities which almost always translates to everything you own basically.





The outcome of my case is anything but typical and you shouldn’t, under any circumstances, even consider going down that road. I HIGHLY ADVISE AGAINST.

Moreover, I will not get involved in ANY CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES WHATSOEVER and I will stop any consult FOREVER if I suspect any such activities are remotely contemplated, for your own safety as well as mine.





That being said, when used legally, this Protocol will be putting you 50 steps ahead of any counterfeiter out there trying to duplicate any of your products.

It is a Protocol which you will be able to reproduce for ever and will literally make all your products completely immune to counterfeiting no less.