Vous pouvez pensez avoir tout entendu, tout vu et tout essayé correctement...



Ce système est si puissant qu'il peut altérer le "mur de Berlin"

jusqu'a ce qu'il soit totalement inutile.


Je suis une personne unique qui a fait des choses inhabituels toute ma vie

et j'ai eu du succès.


Je me considère comme une personne chanceuse qui un "don"

de réussir mes objectifs peu importe le défi.


Certains d'entre vous vont probablement penser que les révélations que je vais faire ne sont pas véritables mais...

qu'est-ce que je peux vraiment dire: mes revendications sont vérifiables et comme je suis en train d'expliquer,

j'ai toujours été différent du plus loin de ma mémoire.


"Seul ce qui ne pourrait jamais me faire du mal m'a vraiment fait sentir en vie"

Ce mode de vie spécifique a en quelque sorte libéré le "génie" que j'ai en moi pour réussir à tout ce que j'entreprends.





Permettez-moi de commencer par vous donner un peu d'informations sur moi, juste pour que vous puissiez

mieux comprendre le contexte.


Depuis un très jeune âge, j'ai remarqué que je me batissais moi même un ensemble de compétences pour

dépasser mes propres limites et pour réussir ce que j'ai toujours rêver sans trop de difficulté.

Je n'étais pas bon en musique ni en dessin, mais quand les autres avaient de la difficulté,

je n'avais aucun problème à la surmonter et ce, rapidement.


Bizzarement, même avec la vocation criminelle que prenait ma vie,

je ne me suis jamais permis de dire à personne ce que je fesais;

pas ma petite amie et pas même mes amis criminels qui n'étaient pas dans la même

"sphère" que moi, personne! Donc comme je ne vais certainemenet pas révéler ce

qui est "inconnu" aujourd'hui nous allons nous concentrer sur ce

qui a déjà été dit à mon sujet.


Experience for yourself how I became the ABSOLUTE BEST at what I did

as stated by the “United States Secret Services”

and “Royal Canadian Mounted Police” themselves!


While I’m sure you believe to know what the fundamental differences are between a

criminal and a legal career, bear with me as I try to best depict it but seen through

my eyes this time.

I will be referring to these opposing principals quite a lot for the purpose of explaining

both the similar and different challenges at play but mainly, because this is where this

Master code I developed is deeply rooted from.


 You will quickly see why, as I expose the major difficulties to overcome in my world,

and the extent of the extremely unique set of skills necessary to become hugely

successful while remaining free,  and how all this will be profiting you BIGTIME.


 You’re all likely to be quite aware that it’s getting increasingly more and more difficult

by the minute so it seems, for anyone to be successful with any conventional methods.

Everybody has done it before and forget the element of surprise anymore . . .

it’s like the whole well has dried up almost! SO WRONG AGAIN!


Some keep finding endless overwhelming obstacles so it seems; no idea where to start,

lack of time, lack of confidence, impossible hurdles to overcome, not enough money

to begin with or too little to be made afterwards, risks involved, lack of competence,

health . . .the list goes on and on and on right?


Same endless overwhelming obstacles in the criminal world, except you must add

quite a few others potential hazards with which you haven’t had to deal with most likely,

throughout your whole legal life.

Some are: police, lawyer fees, spotlight from press, unforeseen accidents,

prison terms, seizure or your property, people constantly trying to cross you

and steel from you, frame ups, divorce and death by murder which I almost forgot about.


As if this wasn’t enough, here are some provisions which legal people take for

granted but to which you`d never have access to in the criminal world should you

encounter trouble: police protection, mediators, court, pension plans, health care,

protection of privacy, unions, unemployment assistance, second chances,

trustees and bankruptcy of course.


Forget the past, your future just arrived!


Having been involved in both the criminal and some of the legal world, I would truly

compare the 2 different models to actual warfare missions for soldiers vs training


Though both models are extremely difficult, one clearly doesn`t have the luxury of

failure as a viable option right?


The 2 very different models end up literally splitting soldiers into two totally opposite

ends of a spectrum in terms of capabilities, expertise, experience, knowledge and

plain overall performance right?


As with warfare, there is ONE law which you can NEVER EVER neglect in my world:

you are never allowed to FUCK UP anything otherwise; catastrophic consequences

will quickly ensue with usually disastrous outcomes.


 Because of these very particular circumstances under which I had to operate criminally,

an outstanding array of very particular finely honed set of skills had to be

mastered for me to make it in this world.

Now with time and a complementary add-on of “Swat team” level techniques on top of it,

then I was quite successful at it.

But with my inherited “talent” which allowed me to create and refine an awful lot of

additional “Navy seals” level knowledge, approaches and methods, I turned into

this insane million making Master earner.

“This power will make you feel outrageously alive!”


Once you will know how to harvest the rewards of

impossibility. . . you achievements will explode, no less!


 This precise blueprint I’ll be teaching you will render any scenario you encounter

ridiculously easy to dominate. The same laws of nature apply no matter what

the source, circumstance or people . . . it’s human nature!

You’ll be able to copy/paste my System to any situation or environment, regardless

of what it is!

I have created, lifetime tested and lifetime refined it, to ensure maximum

overpowering of absolutely any situations, and rocket you to success!


“This is the most secret lifeline to all my successes!”


Here is the core formula of my whole mighty System:

Inherited “gift” + life of warfare + sheer necessity + Dreams







Depending on where you are in life or what you wish to achieve, regardless of

whether you feel something is too high a mountain to climb or simply because

you hoped you even had a goal to begin with, you are going to want to master

some or all of the skills below to achieve it.


Now, I don’t know if you have read the following cautionary warning elsewhere on

my website but once again, it is paramount that I warn absolutely anyone and

everyone at this stage.



The knowledge, research, techniques and procedures I will be teaching you are

what constitute the exact Paradigm Shift System® I created which allowed me to

get crazy and proven successful careers out of anything I ever wanted.


I must make myself absolutely clear though: once in the hands of the wrong people,

it could become very tempting to go ahead and put this System to bad use yourselves,

lured by the huge quantities of money I made with it.



This Mighty System is the only tool one would ever need to overpower most any

situations, people and obtain anything to fit your need to reach success – good or bad!.

I have been down this path myself so you should take my word as that of God

himself in this matter. DON’T DO IT!


I am making more money now legally that I was illegally – and that’s the truth. It’s not

what goal you pursue that matters, it’s the approach when pursuing it which

makes all the difference. You can easily become wildly successful in any imaginable

walks of life just as many many other people are . . . most likely humongously more!




You better come prepared because my System is loooooaded with stuff.

This will be the most mentally draining seminar you will have ever attended.

My System will be the most empowering and life enhancing system of your whole

life I promise you!


Pause for one second and read some of what my

life altering System will do for you:




You will learn how to attain and keep my magic mental attitude

to succeed at everything.


I will show you how and where to effortlessly

get all the ideas you’ll ever need.


You will get my personal steps-by-step roadmap

to taking any idea from dream to guaranteed achievement.


You will learn how this one magic dynamic principal alone

will guarantee you success every time.




You will learn how to always choose the top models

for guaranteed success.


I will teach you my own private Master’s Creed that will

keep you thriving 100% of the time while others stall.


I will show you how to transform others

as sheer fuel to push you forward.




Kiss despair goodbye:

I’ll teach you my very own ritual which will get

and keep you motivated 100% of the time.


You’ll learn my personal thesis to seemingly impossible success

which will transform you forever.


My powerful snowball effect.




The DNA of failure:

why people fail, how to recognize failure and how to obliterate it.


The Twilight Zone:

why pioneering rimes with achieving.


Getting rid of your dragging anchors:

what, where, who and how.




Forget everything you’ve ever learned about negotiating,

you’ll be leaving others breathless and clueless with my ultimate techniques.


My Mighty sandwich effect:  

the art of convincing anyone, negotiating anything

and making everything go your way.


How to gain an edge with micro wars.


I’ll teach you my ultimate techniques for using human behaviors

that will make you nearly invincible.


Fluid dynamic fundamentals:  

how to face aversion.


Third wind:

the art of working miracles under the radar.






My program will take you from where you are right now, to where ever you damn

wish you’d be – the moon even.


It truthfully is way too powerful a System to teach everyone but hey, I know I am doing

it for the right reasons so it’s now for you to be careful with what you will do with it.

It is the exact “no Bull” pathway I’ve used all my life to achieve all I’ve ever achieved.


You’ll be 100% fully ready to deal with 500% of whatever will be coming your way

whether it’d be decisions, analysis, course of action, problems, relationships,

catastrophes, success, overwhelming states,  weight of the crown…you name it,

you will be soooo ready for it – trust me.


I’ve been through so much more than I can ever admit to once again.

The situations of your daily lives, great or bad, are so going to be a “joke”

compared to what you were armed with to deal with them before – there’s

no nice way to put it really!

Once you will have taken me up on it, you will understand then and only then.

This is my personal System, from me to you, designed from the ground up,

for the heavy achievers of this earth.


From the deepest of my heart, thank you all.