What if your Security Features were so secure, they could not even be counterfeited by Frank Bourassa himself?

Frank Bourassa is recognized as the first and foremost validated authority in the counterfeiting world today.

Our MASTERY AEGIS™ PROGRAM is by far the most comprehensive counterfeit-stopper in the world. Our protocol guarantees to even stop Frank himself dead in his tracks from being able to break your security features. You will be reaping the full benefits of his AEGIS Seal of Honor, bringing your counterfeiting expertise level soaring completely off the charts – and this for years to come.

Frank works with private firms, governments, multi-national conglomerates and the whole consumer products market to safeguard any products - highlighting breaches, gaps, opportunities and weak areas of concern which would be exploited by others.

He makes sure that from the first moment he takes charge of your account, you will never need to roll the dice ever again. You will feel a strange sense of invincibility just knowing you'll be able to rely on him as an essential part of your team.

If you have an in-house R&D department, does this make you believe you are safe? Why not let us test your products with this special offer we created for you?

Send us any of your secure products and Frank will perform FREE OF CHARGE a complete analysis covering the full spectrum of potential threats. You'll be surprised at how easily he'll be able to crack your securities. Frank has yet to come across ONE security feature he wasn't able to break through.

Having turned from the counterfeiting underworld to now helping stop counterfeiters, he is able to bestow a point of view which no one else ever could.

His life mission is now to eradicate the counterfeiting problems at the highest levels of corporations and governments thanks to this gift that allows him to succeed at any crazy endeavor he chooses.

So trust his word as that of the Counterfeit God himself, he wows to break the counterfeiting curse of anyone who calls upon him.

From the deepest of our heart, thank you all.