Frank grew up (and still resides) in the small town of Trois Rivieres, some 80 miles northeast of Montreal on the St. Lawrence Seaway. In his early years he quickly learned not to listen to those who told him something could not be done. Where many saw roadblocks, Frank saw opportunities.

 After being captured by members of Interpol, the US Secret Service and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Frank’s counterfeiting days came to an abrupt end. The world then found out about his adventure in perfectly forging a US $20 bill. Well, not one bill, 12.5 million of them! That’s right, Frank Bourassa counterfeited some 250 million dollars.

 Referred to as the “Counterfeit God” by Business Insider, Frank has a unique skill set which he has since turned into anti-counterfeiting within the boundaries of the law. Now he works diligently to eradicate counterfeiting at all levels for companies and governments. He offers his services in the form of consulting.

 Given his knowledge, Frank has become a rare source of information which is being sought out as he conducts public speaking engagements to share his knowledge. So popular is his tale that he has been interviewed by reporters all over the world via internet, print, radio and television media. From Tokyo to New York, Dublin to Sydney, Frank Bourassa has garnered the world’s attention with his unusual path to infamy. But what has really shocked those behind closed doors, is because of his real-life experience in the counterfeiting world, showing those who thought their products, banknotes or security features were fully protected were in fact not much more effective than an umbrella in a hurricane.

 So how does one take the world’s most potent monetary denomination and reproduce it perfectly? What everyone said could not be done? Does it give an insight into how fragile our world monetary and economies truly are? But once you have this knowledge, aren’t you well suited to show what could be changed in order to make it, impenetrable? Yes!

 Visionary, entrepreneur, consultant, author, public speaker, and dog lover, Frank Bourassa is a man of many talents.

 Soon you will be able to read all about his adventures in a book published by Harper-Collins. It is expected to become a Hollywood Blockbuster shortly afterwards, so watch for it on the big screens everywhere!