THE MONEY MAKER: MY ADVENTURES AS THE WORLD’S MOST WANTED COUNTERFEITER by master global counterfeiter Frank Bourassa who was recently convicted by U.S. and Canadian law enforcement officials for having printed, circulated, and sold more than 250 millions of fake U.S. currency. Written in Bourassa’s captivating voice with the help of renowned Esquire Magazine reporter and editor Mark Warren, THE MONEY MAKER is poised to become a major bestselling book as well as dazzling feature film. 

In THE MONEY MAKER, Bourassa will chronicle the true story of how he successfully printed, circulated and sold millions of dollars of counterfeit $20 bills, for years evading global law enforcement authorities—including the FBI, the Secret Service, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (“MCMP”).  With the whimsy and bravado of Evan Lee Heyman’s fictional Thomas Crown (which led to the international blockbuster THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR)—and the savvy and elusiveness of real life felon Frank Abagnale (whose CATCH ME IF YOU CAN famously emerged as both a worldwide bestselling book and a box office topping motion picture)—Frank Bourassa currently envisions shaping THE MONEY MAKER into a powerful suspense-packed narrative in three key sections:

  •         the first showing how Bourassa rose from stunt-perpetrating school boy to petty drug dealer, and exactly how and why he decided to counterfeit money;
  •          the second capturing how Bourassa studied the art of printing, how he sourced the unique paper upon which $20 bills are printed, and how (in a remarkable game of “cat and mouse” with investigators at the highest levels of U.S. and Canadian intelligence and law enforcement) he got away with having countless millions of individual bills printed, transported and sold to buyers across the globe; and
  •         the third showing how he was tracked, investigated, and caught, and yet how he was able to negotiate a mere six-week prison sentence in exchange for revealing where he was still hiding millions of dollars in counterfeit bills.

As recently captured in a segment on ABC’s 20/20, Bourassa pulled off this extraordinary caper seemingly single handedly, studying the intricacies of paper manufacturing and printing, sourcing just the right materials, and arranging for the sale of counterfeit bills, all from his suburban home outside Montreal, about 120 miles north of the U.S. border.  Bourassa spent fewer than 60 days in jail and, earlier this year, Canadian authorities decided not to extradite him to the United States for prosecution. Even as he confessed to establishing a covert printing operation that may have produced over $250 million in fake U.S. currency, Bourassa walked out of court on March 28, 2014, paying a mere $1,500 fine in Canadian dollars.

In THE MONEY MAKER, Bourassa, for the first time ever, will reveal exactly how he fooled paper mills in Germany and Switzerland into producing the unique paper made of cotton and linen used in the production of American bills. He will capture how he tirelessly surfed the internet to find suppliers in China that could provide ink and security features similar to what is used in real $20 bills.  He will explain how he was able to recruit a skilled printer, who helped him locate an off-set press to produce the bills and other equipment required to add non-consecutive serial numbers. And he’ll capture how once the money was printed, he sold it in huge quantities (for a third of its face value) to criminal groups across the globe.

Although THE MONEY MAKER will be written from Bourassa’s perspective, Mark Warren, a veteran investigative journalist (and co-author of several NYT bestselling books), will also help capture the vital perspectives of the U.S., Canadian, and other authorities who for years were trying to identify and capture Bourassa. For over 4 years, Bourassa eluded them, even as the bills that he had counterfeited surfaced in California, Nevada, Florida and across the Northeast.  Only when an undercover agent recently penetrated one of the criminal groups buying Bourassa’s fakes were authorities finally led to Bourassa’s secret operation in Quebec.  Amazingly, even when U.S. Secret Service and RCMP raided Bourassa’s home, he still had a card to play because authorities did not know where the remainder of his special paper and fake twenties was hidden. Today there are thousands if not millions of Bourassa’s fake virtually undetectable $20 notes still in circulation in the U.S. and across the globe.

In the hands of Mark Warren, THE MONEY MAKER promises to be a richly reported, action-packed, page-flipping narrative.  As Executive Editor at ESQUIRE where he has worked since 1988, Warren has overseen much of the magazine’s political writing and routinely edits many of its biggest and most important feature articles. He has helped write several New York Times bestselling books, including military strategist Thomas P.M. Barnett’s The Pentagon’s New Map, which originated with a story in Esquire.